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Mother’s Day Love ♥️

In this upcoming Mother’s Day weekend, of course my thoughts are with my mom; the first one without her. This is still very painful but as I keep the tradition of reading from my favorite Poet/Philosopher, Khalil Gibran’s “On Children”, during Mother’s Day classes, I am reminded of my mom’s ability to be the most stable “bow” I could ever ask for. You see, as Khalil sees it, the archer IS the creator/creations/the universe or however you choose to think of it, the parents/caregivers, are the bow-which must be stable, and our kids, our treasures, the arrows.

With her heart in pain, with her worries, she said goodbye to me at the age of 21, as I fell in love, and followed my love story, to the United States. She let me, her arrow, fly far, and when I landed, she was there, to support, to love, to guide from far….never ever making it about her.

But my mom, my intuitive mother, knew. She knew my love story had an ancient foundation that could not be stopped or interrupted and I knew it, too…. she’s passed that intuitive knowledge of a knowing and a trust in the knowing I wont be able to ever thank her enough for. I’m hoping I’m passing it to my four arrows of my own. Together with her knowing, she instilled GRIT and emotional resilience I SO needed, coming to Chicago back in 1997, and becoming a foreign student, a girlfriend and “winning“ it all, always, by hard work and merit; love and faith, keeping her and her teachings always close to my heart….I LOVE YOU TILL THE LAST BREATH IN ME, MY IMMA. ❤️

I am grateful and honored to work with so many of you who are hard at work in your sacred parenting, and work on your deep knowing and loving from the inside, each and every day – give yourself much love this weekend! This is the hardest and the most beautiful thing we will ever do – caring for a living being. ❤️

Be the bow your kids need you to be. Let them fly fast or slow, high or low, and when they land, love and support them — no matter how challenging.

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Revi Frydman

I am the founder/owner of Neshama Yoga Studio—a sacred place for all to come, listen and  meet their one and only, unique SOUL (Neshama).

Revi-Lations was born out my students’ positive reactions to my weekly newsletter and different peeps along the way who kept urging me to think about a blog, a podcast or something in between.

Posting my newsletter on my website, is my natural “In Between“. We had a few names as potentials (Revi’s corner, Revi’s Soapbox and few more…), but it landed on Revi-Lations, by my gorgeous, talented, writer Sis-in-law, Lisa Barr (who has an open book with all my mistakes in English, saved for a day she needs to use it against me 😱.  I’m sure soon enough, you would too…).  I do hope you enjoy it and if it ever gets you through the day, drop a comment and let me know.

As always,
Only love,
Give love,
Be love –
Revi ♥️

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