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As this spring insists on staying grey and rainy, what can you do to benefit and not sink down? Besides movement and breath, my way of moving my “GUNAS”; my energetic emotions around, I love to REST!!! There will be days, where you’ll be ready to go about your usual fitness regimen but your body will scream from the inside – NO!!!! I love my walk, I love My Yoga and I love my rower!!

Excited to burn another hour the other day, rowing and watching a good show/documentary, after few minutes, my body, as if having a mind a of its own, said no in every way- ached, slowed down, whispered, begged, screamed….I ignored it for about 18 minutes (well, numbers mean something so I had to take my body to my “Chai” number – life, at the very least), then I listened. There was no way around it, I was not going to last an hour as planned, and I typically do; gearing up as the hour unfolds. Not this time!!! My body and I are not enemies – we are partners and partners work together, not against!

Sometimes, if you are tuned in, if you are good about quitting unnecessary distractions from around you, you will hear your body speak and when you do, please listen; like any other system, it knows what’s best for it – don’t force, don’t push, don’t “get through it”.

This is true for eating too – eat with intention and intuitive knowledge about what your body needs. Articulate cravings that speak from the deep within…..your body knows.

This Sunday, May 1st, halfway between the spring and summer equinox, I’ll be hosting Yoga Nidra For Spiritual Awakening, together with Audrey and her Vibration Sound Therapy with the crystal bowls – invest in Rest!!!! ❤️

For those of you who have not yet done Nidra or enjoyed sound therapy ever, here is the scoop:

Yoga Nidra, also known as the yogic sleep, is a form of rest and reset like no other. Being guided through breath awareness, body scanning, creating intention, experiencing visualization of some sort, you are being taken to a place just above your sleep. This is a place of total relaxation, some find hard to access on a daily basis. While you may think all you do is sleep while listening to your guide’s instruction, your body softens in ways only when once awake, or a day later you understand. In that deep rest mode, your body can increase serotonin, oxytocin and human growth hormones. At the very same time, your body decreases stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline. Chronic pain may start to fade, depression-like emotions may feel lighter, easier to “carry” around….My favorite way of thinking of the beauty of Yoga Nidra is by calling it, “THE ART OF NON DOING”. Truly, during this practice, your body gets such power from mental alignment that the clarity you then gain, seems so effortless and powerful!

Now, pair that with the power of sound therapy….a wow experience!!!!

With the sound of the crystal bowls, your body will be scanned again, physically, emotionally and mentally. While the Nidra is planted deep in and doing its way to the cellular level, the sound therapy enhances and escorts your deep, higher being back to its center. The pair of Yoga Nidra and sound healing, will leave you relaxed in a way only after experiencing it, will be a good time to describe it.

Everyone can do Yoga Nidra and NO EXPERIENCE IS EVER NEEDED.

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