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Bhakti Yoga and Kundalini Coming to Neshama

Taking on the YOGA PATH means so much more than our work on the mat! Here are aspects I’d like to highlight today with regards to a new offering coming up soon – KARMA YOGA, BHAKTI YOGA, and JNANA YOGA.

Karma Yoga – the yoga of ACTION, calls on our involvement in DOING; not just willing to/meaning to… day….when the kids grow up….when we have more money…..instead, To SHOW UP!!!! Big or small part that we choose/can afford to play, is not at all whats important, but to choose to take action, IS!!!!

Bhakti Yoga – the yoga of LOVE and DEVOTION, is a spiritual path focusing on love and devotion towards any personal deity. But as you know me, the deity lives in us and amongst us always, and so for me, the love and devotion to humanity as a whole, is the goal!

Jnana Yoga – The Path of Knowledge and Self Realization. Knowledge here is valued through teachers, self study and seeking growth always. The idea is that with life’s commitment to the three above, we can then achieve the desired stage of MOKSHA – the release from the cycle of rebirth, according to Hinduism.

In each class I teach, and in my daily life, I do my best to incorporate all three: the karma – showing up to teach with full intention, acting on a need from the deep in, to leave my students and anyone I meet, a bit better in their spirit, in their mental health, in their breath and in their faith, than when I first met them. I do my best, to be there for my friends, for the sick, for the weak……in small or big parts as any situation presents itself to me.

Bhakti yoga came easy to me, through my mom’s way of life; her devotion to her family, to her faith, to SELFLESSNESS. To prayer, to tradition, to the belief that without a scared devotion, to at least one true thing, life is empty and voided of true substance.

Jnana Yoga – the yoga of knowledge is incorporated through sharing wisdom I read about, hear about, learn about and sharing it during my classes or just any deep talk with my kids and with dear friends. I seek knowledge always and I share it as often as I can.

Incorporate a little more action, a bit more devotion and seek some knowledge – maybe in areas you know nothing about, and see how life feels with these three path to your own Moksha!

With respect to action and devotion, knowledge and love, I invite you all to Neshama’s first Bhakti Yoga to benefit the WIND Program on Saturday, June 18th at 9am.

This class will incorporate a little Jnana as well, as one of the people I love so much; my good friend and an amazing Karma yoga role model, Gloria Athanis, a Yoga Teacher in training, will be delivering it, as she makes her way out to the yoga teaching world – her new Jnana.

Gloria has been practicing yoga for over 15 years, at times, my “mat neighbor“, later as my student but always and forever as a woman of all three above – hands down!!!!

She is an avid health and wellness enthusiast and earned her certification in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University.
Gloria recently sold her plant-based food company, PHYTER FOOD, and is now a staff member at VIBEZ Fit – a power plate vibration training fitness studio in River North. Gloria will guide you through a 60 minute ALL LEVEL class as she uses 25 years of experience in meditation and yoga to help you find your breath awareness and deepen your “asana” (the physical aspect) practice.

This class will be all donation based (cash only please) with 100% proceeds to benefit and support the WIND Program, a local Nonprofit helping women with a history of incarceration, build new lives. Space is limited – please rsvp early as I know this will be full!

With respect to Jnana Yoga and learning new things, come enjoy a KUNDALINI yoga, with our very own Audrey!!! This will be a 75 minutes of bliss through all the things you love – meditation, breath exercises, reiki and the magic of the singing bowls – all of this on Sunday, June 26th – just in time to open up a SUMMER OF LOVE ❤️❤️❤️ – $50- this too will sell out so rsvp asap!!!!

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