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Why Neshama?

Neshama means “soul” in Hebrew, my native language, and is a subject of great interest and curiosity for me, since very early on: what it is, how to tap into the power it holds, to its great and essential vitality …. to its infinity. While my students typically leave class full of sweat, it is their soul that i hope to have worked, opened, aligned with and shifted, for the better. I focus on a “work in”, just using the body as a means to an end, with the “work out”. Yoga is a tool; a lifestyle, a path, a dedication, to breath and its divine power and connection, to movement which invigorates and awakens, to a set of rules, truth and ethics, to service, to an expansion of the scope of what we see with our eyes and what is larger than, that we see and feel and do, in our Neshama – Soul.

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