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Shall We Pass ♥️

On this holiday weekend of Passover, Easter and any special time you are spending with family and friends, I send you all much love and sharing some thoughts and realizations I put in writing that seems fit for the holidays and the beautiful feel of Spring Renewal. Thoughts just in time to RESET. ❤️

Shall We Pass

Shall we PASS OVER what feels heavy and does not serve?

Shall We Pass…..

Shall We PASS OVER whatever is contracting and instead focus on expanding and growing?

Shall We Pass….

Let’s PASS OVER any regrets from the past
And walk towards what feels good, right, true, healthy…..lasting….

Shall We Pass…..

Let’s PASS OVER darkness and walk our souls
Into light.

Let’s PASS OVER fear
And walk into TRUST.

Let’s PASS OVER limiting words and thoughts
And commit to self love and compassion all around.

Let’s PASS OVER walls we have built
And exit into FREEDOM to be, to create to explore… discover.

Let’s PASS OVER things we cannot change and walk towards those we can.

Let’s together, PASS OVER all of these with intention and forgiveness.

Let’s all together, walk forward with care, with love in our hearts, with gratitude….with light. ❤️

Both Spring and Fall are good seasons to RESET. To PASS OVER things you need to let go of after you’ve given them enough time to process, explore and learn from. Travel light without any unnecessary baggage….it costs so much more and you, don’t need it!!!!

Passover into Easter Awakening. From one tradition to another. From Winter to spring. From Old to New…YOU. 🙏

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Revi Frydman

I am the founder/owner of Neshama Yoga Studio—a sacred place for all to come, listen and  meet their one and only, unique SOUL (Neshama).

Revi-Lations was born out my students’ positive reactions to my weekly newsletter and different peeps along the way who kept urging me to think about a blog, a podcast or something in between.

Posting my newsletter on my website, is my natural “In Between“. We had a few names as potentials (Revi’s corner, Revi’s Soapbox and few more…), but it landed on Revi-Lations, by my gorgeous, talented, writer Sis-in-law, Lisa Barr (who has an open book with all my mistakes in English, saved for a day she needs to use it against me 😱.  I’m sure soon enough, you would too…).  I do hope you enjoy it and if it ever gets you through the day, drop a comment and let me know.

As always,
Only love,
Give love,
Be love –
Revi ♥️

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